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We will be updating this page regularly with our 2021 speakers! In the meantime, check out some of last year’s speakers:

Jess Holbrook

Founder and Lead, People + AI Research

Victoria Da Poian

Aerospace Engineer

Dr. Ella Hilal

Director of Data Science and Engineering

Sriram Subramanian

Head of Data Sciences
Condé Nast

Hubert Chan

Director of Cloud Data Innovation Platform
Hudson’s Bay Company

Renata Policicio

VP, Research and Insights, Global Markets

Domnhaill Hernon

VP, Innovation, Strategy, Creativity, R&D
Nokia Bell Labs

Masha Kandybin

Divisional Vice President of Intelligent Automation
Hudson’s Bay Company

Vik Pant

Chief Science Advisor
Natural Resources Canada

Sidita Zhabjaku

Director of Director, Data & Analytics
Bank of Montreal

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