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This privacy policy describes how Corp Events collects, uses, and discloses your personal information and how this personal information can be consulted and updated when necessary. This policy also explains how cookies are used on our Website.
By visiting, contacting us, or agreeing to receive emails from Corp Events, you accept the terms and conditions of this policy.
This policy does not extend to websites operated by third parties. Corp Events is therefore not liable for their privacy policies, procedures, and practices.
If you do not agree with our policies at any point, you may choose not to use our applications and services.


We at Corp Events collect a variety of personal data during the registration process such as:
Personal data: first name, last name, email address, company, job title, industry, level of seniority, phone number… Data related to the event: discount codes, analytics data… Registration to some of our partners’ newsletter, only if you check the specific boxes on the registration form We might also collect your data through other channels, like your answer to one of our surveys, a phone call with our Sales Manager… In these cases, we ask your consent before collecting your data.


The Personal Information collected from is used by Corp Events for the following purposes:
Corp Events may use the Personal Information of the user to send newsletters Marketing and promotional purposes for current and future events Response to “Contact Us” or any request initiated by the user The Personal Information collected from the various event websites and event applications provided by Corp Events comes solely under the ownership of Corp Events. The data collected by Corp Events may be used for advertisements or promotional purposes.


Existing users and subscribers have been provided with an option to opt-out from our services-related emails, newsletters that are used for marketing purposes.
You can choose not to receive such emails by unsubscribing and opt-out of our services, in case of which your data will be deleted from our database. Please note that for any queries, or in case you want to opt-in to use our services again, you may contact us at
In case you want to opt-out of any event related services, you can write a mail at
INFORMATION SHARING WITH THIRD PARTY ORGANIZATIONS Corp Events may provide your personal information to the event’s partners. This could happen because you visited the virtual booth of an exhibitor or attended the session of one of the sponsors during Big Data and AI Toronto. You consent to this when registering to Big Data and AI Toronto.
We will share the Personal Data with the companies in a secure and proper manner as described in the Privacy Policy. At this point, we are not responsible anymore for the use of your data. However, we can provide you with the details about the transmission of your data to one of our partners upon request. Furthermore, we always make sure to work with reliable partners.


We collect, store, and manage your data with care. We intend to secure all our processes and we work with trusted service providers (OVH, MailChimp, Eventmaker).


Like any other website, uses ‘cookies’. These cookies are used to store information including visitors’ preferences, and the pages on the website that the visitor accessed or visited. The information is used to optimize the users’ experience by customizing our web page content based on visitors’ browser type and/or other information.
If you agree with our privacy policy, cookies will be registered on your current browser for a maximum duration of 13 months. If you decide to block cookies on this website, the main cookies will be immediately deleted and blocked, until you change this setting.
You can accept or disable cookie collection at anytime on this website. To do so, click on the black cookie button that can be found at the bottom right of every page on the website and choose your preferred option.


The data being processed by us remains under the ownership of the organizer unless the ownership is shared by a duly signed contract. The liability for the data is limited to the owner of the data.


The personal information provided to us is maintained securely and accurately in the database. If you, at any point in time would like to delete or correct any of your personal data that we have stored, you can request access to the data by emailing us at You should mention specifically with all the details in a plain, clear format about your request to access your personal information.

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