Rohin Bansal

Rohin Bansal

Director, Data Governance & Enablement



Rohin Bansal is an accomplished leader known for his impactful contributions to the field of data governance. Currently serving as the Director of Data Governance at TELUS, he has held influential leadership roles across diverse sectors, including financial services and government. With a proven track record in driving technology strategy, Rohin plays a pivotal role in shaping TELUS's direction in this dynamic landscape.In recognition of his leadership acumen, Rohin is actively engaged in board positions. His contributions extend to the boards of Queen's University and DAMA Toronto, underscoring his commitment to driving growth and excellence not only within TELUS but also in broader academic and industry settings.

Speaker on

Navigating data enablement and innovation: unveiling the TELUS case study

Conference Use Case Big Data
10/18/2023 | 15:00 - 15:30 | Conference Room 1 (203 - ground level)