Why Exhibit

With the resent challenges, world is on its way to healing and recovering, economy is developing and technology is booming, there is no time to stand by - now is the time to engage and create! Whether you are providing solutions or services, position yourself on the 1st B2B gathering of the leaders of the industry!

With more than 5,000 participants expected for its 7th edition, the Big Data & AI Toronto conference and exhibition gives you the guarantee of engagement with a audience of decision-makers. Big Data and AI Toronto is widely recognized as the not-to-be-missed event for the data and analytics community. This year’s event will be held both in-person and online on October 6-7,2022.

This is a game-changing time for the data and AI communities where modern IT leaders are expected and pressured to adapt quickly, understand market dynamics, and connect with the leading solution providers that will help them succeed in an era of transformation.

The pressure is on. Canadian businesses are racing to accelerate their digital transformation and readapt in an ever-changing environment. In the post-digital era, it is Big Data and AI Toronto’s job to empower our community with the knowledge, skills, technology, and connections that they need to master the 4 key dimensions shaping the 2020s and reach the next level of technological advancement.

Because of this constant cycle of tech convergence, we created a unique 4-in-1 event experience that will provide thousands of attendees with a 360° view of the industry.


  • Finance (Bank, Insurance)
  • Transportation, Energy, Telecom
  • Healthcare & Pharma (Drug Development, Early Disease Detection, Assistants)
  • Government, Education
  • Manufacturing & Automation
  • Supply Chain
  • Retail
  • Space
  • IoT
  • Food Production
  • Arts, Advertising
  • Public sector
  • Real Estate


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