Sujatha Perepa

Sujatha Perepa

Distinguished Engineer & CTO - Data, AI & MLOps

Office of the IBM CIO


Suj Perepa is an IBM Distinguished Engineer at the IBM CIO office and the Data and AI, CTO. She leads the AI & Data strategies, promotes the efforts to develop practical, efficient and Trustworthy & Ethical AI solutions across the IBM CIO Office. Suj specializes and is an expert in Generative AI, Conversational AI, NLP based solutions, Document intelligence, and Custom Machine Learning solutions. She is currently teaming with IBM Research to develop the watsonx solutions for the CIO. She promotes the development of Intelligent Automation, Application & Data Modernization with AI. She codevelops solutions with IBM Research and collaborates with the IBM product teams to promote the responsible adoption of the AI & Generative AI products. She proposed innovative AI solutions for NextGen Contact Center Modernization to deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences, Agent Empowerment and Business Insights all in one package and Contracts Processing Framework etc. She is an IBM Open Innovation Community Leader for AI and an IBM Master Inventor. She is a contributing member of the IBM AI Ethics Committee. She promotes the IT Architect Profession as a Leader and a Board member. Suj is a dedicated mentor and committed women empowerment & DE&I advocate. She sponsors AI, Sustainability, Personal & Technical eminence, and Inventors Guilds at IBM, to build self-serving and highly efficient technical communities. Suj is a SparkNC Business Council member for AI. Suj has an MBA in Information Systems from the Stuart School of Business, (Chicago, IL), and MS in Applied Electronics. Suj is a Women in AI 2023 - finalist in the ‘AI in Industry - AI Innovator of the Year‘, category.

Speaker on

The importance of ethics in the era of Generative AI

Keynote Strategic
10/18/2023 | 09:00 - 09:30 | Conference Room 2 (202 - ground level)