Big Data and AI Toronto

Canada's #1 Conference and Expo. A unique 4-in-1 tech event experience

Big Data & AI Toronto 2022 is a combinations of four emerging technologies: Big Data, AI, Cloud and Cybersecurity.

Since 2016, Big Data and AI Toronto has served the data ecosystem by providing a unique platform for IT decision-makers and data innovators to explore and discuss insights, showcase the latest innovative projects, and connect with the best and brightest minds in the industry.

Big Data and AI Toronto is proud to have put Toronto on the centre stage and has since made a commitment to evolve with the community that it serves. This is a game-changing time for the data and AI communities, proving that more than ever, modern IT leaders are expected and pressured to adapt quickly, understand market dynamics, and connect with the leading solutions providers that will help them succeed in an era of transformation.

Canadian businesses are racing to accelerate digital transformation and readapt in an ever-changing environment. In the post-digital era, it is Big Data and AI Toronto’s job to empower our community with the knowledge, skills, technology, and connections that they need to master the 4 key dimensions shaping the 2020s and reach the next level of technological advancement.

2 Days of complete immersion into the Big Data and AI world

The conference and expo will take place both in physical and virtual formats. After huge success running 2021 edition conference on a digital platform, we decided to keep the virtual aspect and enjoy the benefits from both worlds.

  • An exhibition will bring together key players, top leading solution providers companies, stratups that are shaking the market, innovators and advisers that are ready to share their experience and knowledge of the market.

  • Conferences led by the best experts: We work with the brightest minds of the industry, inspiring leaders, advisors, scientists and professionals who have the same challenges and ready to share their experience in a very engaging conversation.

  • Bootcamps (Masterclasses) instructors will teach you technical skills, strategic thinking and give you essential tools.

  • Networking with the like minded professionals who share the same passion for technology. The event will bring together more than 5000 attendees: technology enthusiasts, experts, entrepreneurs, C-level executives and decision makers from Fortune 500 companies. Big Data and AI Toronto offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with your peers, meet with talents, recent graduates, expand your network, and build a long term relationships.

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