Fatih Nayebi

Fatih Nayebi

Senior Director, Data and Analytics

ALDO Group


Fatih Nayebi, a distinguished senior leader in data & AI, serves as the Senior Director of Data & Analytics at ALDO Group. With a Ph.D. in engineering, specializing in Machine Learning and Software Engineering from École de technologie supérieure (ETS) at Université du Québec, Fatih's expertise stretches across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data-Intensive Applications, and Software Engineering and Architecture. Not content to keep his knowledge confined to the world of academia, Fatih has been an influential educator as a faculty lecturer for the Master of Management Analytics program at McGill Desautels Faculty of Management. There, he imparts his wisdom on subjects like enterprise data science, machine learning in production, foundations of deep learning, applications and architectures of deep learning, and modern data analytics platform architecture. Demonstrating an unwavering passion for knowledge, Fatih is also a published author, with two books on Swift functional programming to his name. As a dedicated member of the Swift community in Montreal, he has taught advanced iOS app development and organized the Swift Montreal Meetup. Outside of his professional and academic accomplishments, Fatih enjoys travelling, cycling, playing guitar, chess, and photography. With his unique combination of technical expertise, academic excellence, and engaging personality, Fatih Nayebi stands as a true pioneer in the rapidly evolving landscape of data and AI.

Speaker on

Unleashing the power of generative AI for tabular data in machine learning applications

Conference Expert AI
10/18/2023 | 14:30 - 15:00 | Conference Room 2 (202 - ground level)