John Karabaic

Senior Sales Engineer


I started in AI and data science by creating knowledge-based AI systems for Wright Aeronautical Labs as a lieutenant in the Air Force in the 1980’s.  More recently, I worked on various products at New Relic, making large amounts of time-series and application performance data intelligible and actionable by devops teams.  At Zapproved, the Digital Discovery Pro product I managed was the largest user of Amazon Lambda on the planet, using data science and AI to give corporate law teams insights into fraud and human resources matters as well as responding to legal discovery requests.  I remember the time my customer success rep excitedly came into my office:  a customer using our beta product had just discovered the single email among gigabytes of emails that was the “smoking gun” in a fraud investigation. That would not have happened without our cutting-edge data science. I feel strongly that if we are using data science to do vital tasks like making sure bombs hit the right targets, software is speedy and error-free, or catching an embezzler, it must be repeatable, scalable and explainable.

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