MarkiTech is a NICHE IT solutions and PROFESSIONAL SERVICES provider with a focus on innovation, agile development and flexible business models (all hallmarks of a startup mindset) focused in the Analytics, Big Data / AI, IoT emerging technologies. We deliver Insights to make business decisions – power mobile and custom applications with real time and predictive analytics from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. We are agnostic to platforms. We have developed and are working on several solutions & use cases in the Telco (reduce churn, chat bots to reduce call center & operational costs, self serve & marketplace platforms, increase revenue using value added services, social media sentiment analysis).

Our TRAINING, STAFF AUGMENTATION and APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Professional services distills millions of operational data points into actionable insights that empower companies to optimize their production process, maintenance and marketing programs.

Leveraging DESIGN THINKING and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, we help automate the entire user experience & data analysis process for major enterprises – from data collection, model creation, predictions and model retraining.

Globally, with our partners, we employe more than 250+ software engineering & 10+ Data Science / Machine Learning PHD professionals to provide these emerging technologies.

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