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ThirdEye Data Transforms Enterprises with Data & AI Solutions & Services.

ThirdEye Data leverages its decades of experience and domain knowledge to develop end-to-end Data & AI solutions for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups worldwide.

It serves marquee customers like Microsoft, Walmart, British Petroleum, Southern California Edison, Xperi, Marvell, Quest, Glastroech, Wilfrid Laurier University, and many other companies worldwide.

ThirdEye's services are:
- Generative AI Applications
- Data Science services
- Data Engineering services

ThirdEye's flagship products are: - AI-based document text extraction and analytics product that enables businesses to query their custom documents using a ChatGPT interface. - A crime detection and analytics platform that enables law enforcement agencies worldwide to detect, analyze and predict crime. It also has hands-on labs that enable students to use various kinds of data and perform AI and BI analytics for crime.


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