Main Stage Program : September 29th 2020

All sessions will be live streamed online and available on-demand until Oct.31.

Main Stage

  • Opening Keynote

    08h45 - 09h15
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  • Bridging the Tech Skills Gap Panel

    09h15 - 10h00

    Recruiting a workforce with the necessary technical skills is vital for driving digital transformation. Currently, this is a major challenge in this era of innovation and businesses must ensure that the workforce of the next decade has the required skills. Join our panel of industry experts as they explore how to identify, recruit and retain the right talent for the job.

    • Christian Menkens Chief Technology Officer Intact Insurance
    • Maryam Haghighi Director, Data Science Bank of Canada
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  • Break & Networking

    10h00 - 10h30
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  • Session Presented By: Dataiku

    10h30 - 11h00
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  • Tale of Data Science

    11h00 - 11h30
    • Ella Hilal Director of Data Science and Engineering Shopify
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  • Session Reserved for Platinum Sponsor

    11h30 - 12h00
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  • Lunch break

    12h00 - 13h00
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  • Main Stage
  • Session Reserved for Platinum Sponsor

    13h00 - 13h30
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  • Session Presented By: Data Robot

    13h30 - 14h00
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  • Afternoon Keynote: Deep learning for Self Driving Vehicle Technology

    14h00 - 14h30

    At the Uber Advanced Technologies Group's (Uber ATG) R&D centre, we are working on advanced state-of-the-art machine learning models for solving a large range of problems in self driving vehicle technology including perception and prediction, motion planning, mapping and localization, sensor simulation, and more. All that work is publicly available through academic conferences and venues. In this talk Inmar will cover some exciting recent advances out of the company's Toronto R&D hub and also discuss the path to production, namely how Uber ATG goes from research prototypes to deployed systems on their fleet of self-driving vehicles. 

    • Inmar Givoni Senior Autonomy Engineering Manager Uber Advanced Technology Group, Toronto
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  • The Architecture Behind Modern Cloud Data Warehouses

    14h30 - 15h00

    The first generation of cloud data warehouses emerged several years ago, allowing BI/reporting and data analysis teams to benefit from cloud infrastructure and self-service provisioning. However, cloud infrastructure services and data warehouse technology have evolved a lot since then, leading to a new generation of cloud databases built on principles such as separation of compute and storage. Let's dig in and take a deeper look at cloud data warehouse options, both new and old, to uncover key architectural differences and understand why now is time to move on from older, first-generation services.

    • Shane Johnson Director Product Marketing MariaDB
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  • AI / ML and Space Exploration (NASA missions)

    15h00 - 15h30

    The majority of planetary missions return only one thing: data. As space exploration missions’ ambitions keeps evolving as well as the development of very mature instruments maximizing the value of each bit sent back to Earth, Science Autonomy -- the ability for science instruments to autonomously tune, operate, analyze, and direct themselves to optimize science return -- is necessary. Recent developments have demonstrated the tremendous potential of robotic explorers for planetary exploration and for other extreme environments. NASA believe that science autonomy has the potential to be as important as robotic autonomy (e.g., roving terrain) in improving the science potential of these missions because it directly optimizes the returned data. At NASA Goddard Space Flight center, we are developing a first step toward this vision: a ML approach for analyzing science data from the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA) instrument, which will land on Mars within the ExoMars rover Rosalind Franklin in 2023 to search for molecular biosignatures that might reveal signs of ancient martian life.

    • Victoria Da Poian Aerospace Engineer NASA
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  • Break & Networking

    15h30 - 16h00
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  • Session Presented By: Denodo

    16h00 - 16h30
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  • Getting to Yes – What Investors Look for in Big Data & AI Startups

    16h30 - 17h00

    Everyone knows that early stage investors want to back great founders and ideas, but it’s difficult to anticipate precisely what will resonate with VC firms. Join this panel of tech investors as they talk through their process of evaluating a startup using AI and ML and the trends they are most interested in today. Topics to be discussed: Which interesting big data and AI trends are investors most excited about today? How should founders best communicate their startup vision to potential customers, VCs, and broader industry? What qualities they look for in founders? How do they evaluate the product and market? What are the sequence of events and asks when fundraising?

    • John Cowgill Principal Costanoa Ventures
    • Ivy Nguyen Investor Point72 Ventures
    • Jamie Rosenblatt Principal Golden Ventures
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  • Session Presented By: Pachyderm

    17h00 - 17h30
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  • Cocktail Reception

    17h30 - 19h00
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