Navigating data enablement and innovation: unveiling the TELUS case study

Conference Use Case Big Data

2023-10-18 | 03:00 PM - 03:30 PM | Conference Room 1 (203 - ground level)


The landscape of modern business is a dynamic one, brimming with data that holds
both immense potential and formidable risks, particularly when it comes to personal
information. Addressing these complexities demands a strategic approach that not only
harnesses data's power but also safeguards it with diligence and ethical considerations. In this
high-energy presentation, we embark on a journey through the intricacies of deploying a
transparent, agile, and forward-looking data governance program within a multifaceted
corporate ecosystem.

Join us as Rohin Bansal takes center stage to unravel the insights garnered from the
pioneering Data Enablement Plan's implementation. This comprehensive exploration offers a
unique window into the challenges, victories, and lessons learned from introducing a
transformative approach within a complex organizational framework.This presentation
encapsulates a wealth of practical insights, strategic maneuvers, and illuminating anecdotes, all
drawn from the TELUS case study. By journeying through this narrative, attendees will acquire
actionable takeaways that can reshape their approach