Elevating Business Decisions with "Generative AI" Powered Customer360

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2023-10-19 | 03:30 PM - 04:00 PM | Demo Stage 1


  1. Agenda:
  2. Generative AI Implementation

       Business Architecture

        Technical Architecture  


    Free quick POC from your idea to product* 

    Q and A

    Dive into 'Elevating Business Decisions with Generative AI Powered Customer360' and harness cutting-edge AI for transformative customer insights'.

  3. Witness raw data's journey into actionable insights
  4. Fine-tune campaigns
  5. Engage customers with the Conversational Generative AI Chatbot
  6. Leverage KPI dashboards for strategic decisions.

Delve into use cases like: 
1. Churn Prevention, Customer Segmentation
2. What if Simulation' to forecast outcomes.
3. Understand the nuances of determining Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
3. Deploying Next Best Actions and Offerings.
4. With GenAI, empower your decision-making and unlock a new horizon in customer relationship management
5. Targeted Campaign
6. Co-pilot 

And make data driven informed choices and lead innovation with dlytica's initiative 
Generative AI enabler

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