Spatial Data: The Missing Piece in the Modern Data Stack

2023-10-18 | 12:30 PM - 01:00 PM | Demo Stage 1


In the era of Big Data, the "Modern Data Stack" has emerged as a comprehensive framework for managing, analyzing, and leveraging vast amounts of information.

However, to be a truly modern data stack it must go beyond traditional data types and embrace spatial data. Without spatial data no framework can address the complex challenges faced by both organizations and society today.

This presentation will delve into the critical role of spatial data in the modern data stack, showing that without it, your data infrastructure and, therefore, your insights fall short.

We will show how spatial data, and its unique ability to provide location-based insights, is not an optional add-on, but critical for addressing many of today's organizational and societal challenges.

From urban planning and environmental management to public health and logistics, spatial data is necessary to understanding patterns, trends, and relationships, enabling more informed decision-making.

Real-world examples of spatial data in action, will demonstrate its transformative potential. True data transformation requires spatial data.

Join us as we journey through the landscape of spatial data, revealing its indispensable role as part of a truly modern, robust, and effective data stack. You will leave with a new understanding of how spatial data is critical to meeting your challenges head on.

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