Big Data & AI Toronto Goes Hybrid

Big Data & AI Toronto Returns With a New Format for its Fifth Year

The annual conference and expo is the largest gathering of the data community in Canada

TORONTO. May 26, 2020/ – The Big Data & AI Toronto Conference and Expo returns on September 29-30, 2020 with a brand new format. The event will be going hybrid – meaning that participants will have the choice the attend the event either in-person at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre or online from the comfort of their home.

Big Data & AI Toronto

Thousands of participants, from all around Canada and the world, are expected to attend the event virtually and live, taking advantage of a novel format with new conference tracks tailored to both Big Data and AI practitioners. With over 300 speakers and 100 showcased providers, the event will address today’s leading topics and use cases in data, AI, machine learning, advanced analytics, cybersecurity, and cloud technologies.

2020 proved to be a game-changer for the industry where Big Data and AI continue to be a driving force for all sectors of the economy. Participants will have access to the knowledge, skills, tools, and connections that they need to master the 4 key dimensions of the post-digital revolution and succeed in an era of disruptive transformation. 

Big Data & AI Toronto is a one-stop-shop for the data-driven industry. This year, the event provides its attendees with a unique 4-in-1 learning experience that is engineered to meet all their data needs and challenges. Over 2 days, attendees will get to learn from over 300 expert speakers who will be sharing their exceptional industry knowledge and real-life experiences. In addition, our expo will be showcasing 100 solutions providers that are ready to empower the next generation of Big Data and AI innovations across 4 co-located events covering AI, Big Data, Cybersecurity, and Cloud.

Originally, the event was set to take place in early June but instead, we decided to postpone the event in early March as a response to the ongoing crisis – making it one the first Toronto-based events to do so – prioritizing everyone’s safety and well-being. We’ve made the decision to postpone the event to allow ourselves the time to deliver the best in-event and digital experience for our community of participants, speakers, and sponsors rather than rushing-in and overwhelming participants with a new format.

The crisis caused by COVID-19 brings in a new era for the events industry. We firmly believe that the events industry must re-adapt and re-invent to ensure the safest and most valuable experience for all participants. We quickly recognized the need for a new business model, not only virtually but also in-person. We’re excited to partner up with our event suppliers and carefully follow the guidelines of our public health officials, to innovate and re-create how in-person events are delivered. This will mean adhering to physical distancing measures, re-design floor plans and limiting capacity in the conference rooms, as well as restructuring traditional networking.

As part of the current virtual offer, participants will be able to live stream all sessions, access the replays post-event to watch sessions they might have missed, virtually network with all attendees, speakers, and exhibitors, and access our virtual marketplace. Should an in-person event not be possible, then we are fully prepared to take the event 100% virtual.

At the moment, those interested in attending the event can register here at the early bird rate or for free. All attendees will have access to the virtual edition of the event, giving them access to hundreds of hours of top-level content and access to Big Data and AI’s network of solution providers and community of practitioners. 

More information and registrations available at

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