Are you a data technologist,

creative leader, or a data innovator?

Our Call for Speakers has now closed. If you represent a vendor company, please refer to our sponsorship packages for speaking opportunities.


Some opportunities are still available, including:

  • Moderating and/or MCing a track
  • Hosting a workshop or an ‘unconference session’


If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Dina Al-Wer at


We are always looking to collaborate with innovators and practitioners. Please note that presentations are not sales pitches for your services or products. This is an important element if you wish to participate as a speaker. Case Studies and Customer Presentations can be accepted.


Dina Al-Wer

Conference Director

(416) 645-3756


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Big Data Toronto is a congress organized by Corp Agency,

the event agency serving the general public and professionals.


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