Naimeesha Murthy

Naimeesha Murthy

Founder & Vice President of New Product Development & Strategy

Products by Women & LPL Financial


As a product leader, I bring over a decade of experience in crafting digital products that leverage the power of artificial intelligence to drive tangible business outcomes and enhance customer experiences. I am deeply passionate about employing data-driven insights and embracing continuous experimentation methodologies to revolutionize the landscape of product development. My expertise has garnered recognition from influential media outlets such as Forbes, Builtin, and even secured a coveted spot in an Amazon best-selling book. Additionally, I am the Founder of Products by Women, a community-powered network dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech and business sectors. Through mentorship, advisory roles, and investments in early-stage women-owned ventures, I actively contribute to the growth and empowerment of aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition, I have had the privilege to consult at renowned Big tech companies, further enriching my understanding of cutting-edge trends and strategies. Currently, I am at the forefront of driving strategic new product development initiatives at a leading independent broker-dealer and RIA custodian in the United States, exploring innovative approaches to shape transformative solutions.

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The role of product manager in Big Data and AI: collaboration, leadership and creativity

Panel Discussion Strategic
10/18/2023 | 11:30 - 12:10 | Expo Stage