Sri Ambati

CEO & Founder

Sri Ambati is founder and CEO of leading AI cloud platform company, with a mission to democratize AI for everyone. Sri is a product visionary and assembles world-class teams and communities to execute. is a movement of the world’s top data scientists, physicists and technologists, making AI that 20,000 global organizations trust, including AT&T, Wells Fargo, Bank Of America, Goldman Sachs, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Bradesco, Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, Progressive, CapitalOne, PayPal, PWC, Walgreens, Pepsi, Reckitt, Unilever, over half of the Fortune 500 and millions of data scientists. Sri regularly teams up with global business leaders across industries to underwrite adoption of AI to solve compelling business problems, helping them transform their companies with AI and improve life. A strong AI for Good ethos to make the world a better place, responsible and fair use of AI drive H2O’s purpose. As a leader, Sri has been featured in dozens of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, IDG, FII, WEF and as a speaker at industry events including Ai4, Money 2020, Red Hat Summit and is a Datanami Person to Watch. Sri is driven with a purpose to shape the world with AI and recently led the initiative to will the pandemic supply-chain in time and take O2 concentrators to more than 200 public health organizations in tier-2 cities and rural communities in India during the summer Delta wave of the Covid and save thousands of lives.

Before founding, Sri co-founded Platfora, a big data analytics company (acquired by Workday) and was director of engineering at DataStax and Azul Systems. His academic background includes sabbaticals focused on Theoretical Neuroscience at Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley and he holds an M.S. in Math and Computer Science from the University of Memphis. Sri is inspired by his two daughters and genius.

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