Dr. Hisham Qaddoumi

I.T. / Cybersecurity Consultant

QWS Technologies

Hisham has Been programming since he was 10 years old (more than 30 years ago) and was passionate about how computers connect and communicate. His first incidental hack happened while he was still a college student browsing the internet for a college research project when he discovered that he can actually access the internal college network and see the connected stations to the mainframe. He started working in AI about 13 years ago and later specialized in automating security and cybersecurity using advanced AI solutions. He achieved a lot of AI solutions for business, financial institutions, public sector, healthcare, genome and scientific research. He also implemented many solutions for information security, identity protection, mass surveillance and counter terrorism.

After realizing the negative effect of AI with biased data on people (especially in predictive policing and counter terrorism solutions) he decided to do things differently. He is currently doing a lot awareness about ethical AI especially in fields of security and predictive policing and the effect of AI biases in inflaming racial bias and societal segregation. Three years ago, started my own researches about Artificial Consciousness and Ethics in AI and how future Artificial Consciousness can help eliminate a lot of biases caused by the humanly biased data.

He is very passionate about technical awareness and public speaking and does a lot of in-person and online events annually. Recently started a podcast with his friend Jim to spread awareness about how the new advancements are rapidly changing the world and how people can cope with them called: Quantumly Leaping Podcast”. http://podcast.hqmedia.ca/

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