Are you Hybrid Ready?

Are you hybrid ready?

When planning the 5th edition of Big Data & AI Toronto, we expected 2020 to be one of the most transformative years for businesses yet. Little did we know that the whole world would be going through massive challenges, and every company would need to adjust to a rapidly changing business environment.

Every year we welcome tech leaders and data enthusiasts to discover and leverage the power of innovation. During the last 10 weeks, while so many events were being postponed or cancelled, we realized that now is the time to leverage our expertise and knowledge for the benefit of our community. Since the new reality requires creative solutions, we decided to combine both live and virtual experiences through a hybrid event format.


What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event typically means combining a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” online component where an online audience also participates. The objective being to remove barriers between the face-to-face event and the online event. Unfortunately, some people are not able to attend live events due to logistical or financial limitations. Adding an online component to an in-person event provides everyone interested in participating with the opportunity to do so, regardless of their budget or location.


Benefits of a hybrid event

When deciding whether to organize a physical or online event, a hybrid format allows organizers to combine the best of both worlds. Attending such events comes with great benefits:

#1 – Broader audience

The virtual component promotes diversity and inclusivity by letting participants to join the event from all over the world. Attendees get the chance to interact and network with people they would not have had the chance to if the event had only taken place physically.

#2 – Flexibility

Participants can attend the event the way they want and customize their own experience. Choose to attend the event in-person if you live near the venue or join remotely if you are unable to travel. All sessions can be accessed instantly on multi-devices or on-demand after the event. No fear of missing out if you cannot catch a session live!

#3 – Saving money

Whether someone decides to attend remotely or in-person, there is an option for every budget. Attending a conference remotely could help a company eliminate travel costs, hence giving the opportunity to more team members to attend the event.

#4 – Networking

Even though the experience is relatively different, hybrid events allow participants to network with fellow professionals whether they are physically present at the venue or virtually connected. Networking platforms, 1-on-1 matchmaking, and a virtual marketplace can facilitate interactions between all parties involved including attendees, sponsors, and speakers.


What is the best option for you to attend Big Data and AI Toronto?

Hybrid events bring more flexibility in how people can attend. Participants can decide to be apart of our conference and expo by joining us in Toronto or virtually if the former is not a feasible option for them.  For those wondering what the best option to attend is, here are some elements to take into consideration before registering.

Attend online

If you do not live near Toronto or cannot commit to an in-person event for two full days because of a busy schedule, that is not a problem at all, we’ve got your back! With a virtual pass you can attend the conference and expo from the comfort of your home and catch sessions we cannot wait for you to see. Do not worry about the ones you do not have time to see live, just watch the replays later. Sessions will be available for a limited period of time after the conference.

You do not think you will have time to bring your suit to the dry cleaner? All good, pyjamas will do! Grab your favorite snack and head to the couch to learn more about trends in Big Data, AI, Cloud, and Cybersecurity. No need to worry about rushing to the next room between sessions to secure a seat or social distancing measures either.

Despite choosing to attend the conference and expo remotely, our platform and tools will give you the opportunity to interact and network continually with all participants including attendees, sponsors, and speakers. Take advantage of the virtual networking and 1-on-1 matchmaking tools, chat with fellow professionals, and schedule meetings. Make sure to also visit the virtual marketplace to connect with sponsors.

Attend in-person

You also have the possibility to attend the conference and expo in-person at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. People remember a face more than a name in an online chat room so attending in-person will allow you to meet people in your field and build strong relationships thanks to face-to-face networking. It is also good to note that many participants attend events with colleagues, hence providing you with an opportunity to meet more than one person at a time and leave the conference with plenty of new connections and business cards.

Be present in the moment and focus all your attention on what is happening at the venue. Do not worry about distractions or internet issues that could occur if you were to attend the event from home. Even though you chose to attend in-person, you will still be able to interact and network with anyone attending remotely. Our online platform and app will let you connect with all participants from the tips of your fingers, all you need is your smartphone.

Rest assured that we are working closely with the venue and our suppliers and to follow the guidelines from Health Canada. If an in-person event is allowed in September, we will be adhering to and enforcing physical distancing measures.


The 2021 edition of Big Data and AI Toronto will take place virtually on October 13-14, 2021. Find out more here.


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