Big Data and AI Toronto 2021’s Community Partners

Big Data and AI Toronto 2021’s Community Partners To stay true to our commitment to evolve with the data and analytics community that we serve, each year we enter into community partnerships with associations and organizations that are having a positive impact on the Canadian tech industry. Learn more about Big Data and AI Toronto

Fairness and bias in AI

Fairness and bias in AI Dr. Stephen W. Thomas, Assistant Professor and Executive Director, Analytics and AI Ecosystem at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, discussed fairness and bias in AI at Big Data and AI Toronto 2020. He teaches natural language processing, machine learning, and big data across Smith’s academic and executive

AI to enhance human creativity

Leveraging AI to Enhance Human Creativity Artificial intelligence is one of humankind’s best inventions. Unfortunately, it is still not getting the credit that it deserves, especially from the media where it is often portrayed as something inherently evil. If we look beyond the surface, we can see that there are in fact many use cases for

Getting to yes – What investors look for in AI and ML startups

What investors look for in AI and ML startups Everyone knows that early-stage investors want to back great founders and ideas, but it is difficult to anticipate precisely what will resonate with VC firms. A panel of tech investors gathered at Big Data and AI Toronto 2020 to talk through their process of evaluating AI

Robotics and Human Augmentation

Robotics and Human Augmentation Ever since the creation of Neuralink, we have been hearing about human augmentation quite often. Its market is on pace to reach USD $206.9 billion by 2024. Let’s take a look at the current state of the human augmentation technology and what to expect in the future. What is Human Augmentation?

Unintended consequences of technology: Enabling NextGen discrimination

Unintended consequences of technology: Enabling NextGen discrimination Dr. Sarah Saska talked about the unintended consequences of technology at Big Data and AI Toronto 2020. She focused on three major areas where technology is used to solve diversity, equity, and inclusion related challenges in the workplace. Dr. Sarah Saska, Co-founder and CEO at Feminuity, is a

300+ Free AI, ML, Data Science Books

300+ free AI, ML, data science books The year has just started and we are already thinking about the books that we are going to read by the end of 2021. Insane did some digging and has collected over 300 free AI, ML, data science, and programming books. If you are new to the field,

Top Tech Articles of 2020

Top tech articles of 2020 As the year is coming to an end, we take a look at the top tech articles of 2020 which have been the most popular among our audience. From music gesture intelligence tool, to facial recognition technology, without forgetting cybersecurity or deep learning algorithms, many different topics sparked your interest.

Cybersecurity Trends That May Explode in 2021

Cybersecurity trends that may explode in 2021 Content written by Jinkie Bracken for It goes without saying that COVID-19 has changed the way the world operates. In addition to social distancing, broken supply chains, fragmented workforces, and the rise of video meetings, the pandemic is driving massive systemic changes in consumer and business behavior. In particular,

How to Align Your Cybersecurity With Your Strategy

How to align your cybersecurity with your strategy We’re nearing the end of 2020, which means businesses are analyzing their ROI and determining which strategies are working and which need pivoting. It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a year with quite a bit of uncertainty, but it’s important for companies to keep adapting

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