Webinar Series

The Big Data and AI Toronto webinar series give a platform to tech experts and some of our sponsors to cover topics around Big Data, AI, Cloud, cybersecurity, new technologies, and more.

Big Data and AI Toronto 2020 Follow-Up Series - Session 2

We continue exploring AI, Big Data, Cloud, and Cybersecurity with some of Big Data and AI Toronto 2020 sponsors through our Follow-Up Series. Air Miles and MariaDB joined us for the second session.

  1. Real-Time Analytics on Tap – HTAP, That Is
  2. Generating Targeted AI Revenue at Mass Scales
Graph Databases: A Top Technology Trend You Can't Afford to Miss

Neo4j explore how graph databases are transforming the modern enterprise and powering intelligent, real-time business applications. They briefly introduce you to the Neo4j Graph Platform and explain at a high-level the key advantages of implementing a graph database.

  1. Graph Databases: A Top Technology Trend You Can’t Afford to Miss
What's Driving Your Digital Transformation Strategy?

As digital technologies effectively reshape industries and organizations, large-scale change efforts continue to be undertaken to keep up with trends and competition. Cultural and technology-supported changes are relative to the success achieved by any digital transformation. Professionals in the Data and AI space came together to advise on how best to shape your organization’s digital roadmap.

  1. Defining an Analytics Roadmap
  2. Predicting Content Virality to Drive Social Traffic
Transforming the Customer Experience With ML

Are you looking for a solution that is able to provide an intelligent, convenient and informed customer experience at any point along the customer journey? In this Big Data and AI Toronto webinar series, Margaret Ngai, Founder of Connector42 explored how ML can help your organization assess its abilities to better serve and support customers.

    1. Sure-Fire Wins To Enhancing Customer Experience With Machine Learning
Designing a Successful Data Platform

Industry experts came together to explore key characteristics of innovate platforms and how cloud data solutions can enable users to extract business value out of data.

    1. Driving Value from your Data Lake
    2. Why Data Collaboration is the key to helping the world reboot out of COVID-19
    3. SkySQL: The Ultimate MariaDB Cloud
Designing Your AI Deployment

You’ve learned everything you can about AI, but what comes next? Listen to industry experts as they examine common hurdles and successful solutions to derive value from deployments.

    1. Deploying Data Science at Scale
    2. How Design Thinking Unlocks the Disruptive Potential of AI
    3. Lessons Learned from Financial Services Implementation Projects
Big Data and AI Toronto 2020 - Follow Up Series

We continue exploring AI, Big Data, Cloud, and Cybersecurity with some of Big Data and AI Toronto 2020 sponsors through our Follow-Up Series. OVHcloud and Cinchy joined us for the first session.

  1. Streamline your AI pipeline with OVHcloud AI solutions
  2. The Role of a Data Fabric in your Target State Architecture
Big Data in the Cloud

From evaluating Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments to delivering fast analytics in real-time with the support of cloud technologies. Join us for a special webinar that addresses all-things cloud with 2 of the leading brands in the industry. You can also catch our speakers at Big Data and AI Toronto 2020 this September where you can deep-dive into the world of cloud technologies.

    1. The Impacts of Big Data in Cloud, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments
    2. Delivering Data Analytics Fast with a Cloud Data Warehouse
Successful Cloud Migration Planning

There are many benefits for companies that leverage cloud services but there are steps to consider to ensure a migration is successful. Listen to industry experts who explore how to develop a migration plan and the opportunities made available through the cloud.

    1. Cloud Migration, Things That Matter
    2. Moving to the Cloud
Navigating Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Industry experts addressed how organizations, from start-ups to large enterprises, are navigating their teams and operations through a time of uncertainty.

    1. Application of Analytics During Covid in TD’s Contact Centres
    2. How can Artificial Intelligence Startups and Emerging Companies Navigate the COVID-19 Crisis
    3. Survive and Thrive: Top Digital Strategies for the New Normal
Rethinking Privacy in an AI Driven World

As AI evolves, so does the risk in utilizing it. Our speakers explored some potential concerns regarding artificial intelligence and privacy.

    1. ISO 27001 Information Security
    2. AI Security and Privacy Protection
    3. Being Proactive About Risk and Embracing Responsible AI
The Modern Approach to Big Data

Do you feel your team could be doing more with your data? Learn how to optimize new solutions and strategies to use your data more effectively and efficiently to get better results for your business. Two speakers from Denodo and Snowflake came together to present practical strategies and innovative technologies you can start implementing now.

    1. The Cloud Data Platform: Unleash the true value from data
    2. Modernizing Data access in the Big Data World

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