Stephen Thomas

Assistant Professor and Director, Master of Management Analytics and Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence

Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

Dr. Stephen W. Thomas is a professor and researcher at Smith School of Business at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, Canada. He is also the academic director of the school’s two fastest growing Master of Management programs – teaching students to make business decisions with analytics and artificial intelligence. Steve teaches natural language processing, machine learning, and big data across Smith’s academic and executive education programs and has been named Professor of the Year six times. He sits on the Smith Analytics and AI advisory board. Steve’s current research focuses on AI fairness and AI for good. His research has been published in leading academic journals including IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Empirical Software Engineering, and others. He is a recipient of the Scotiabank Scholar research grant. Previously, Steve ran a big data tech startup and held an industrial operations research position at Raytheon, an international defense and cybersecurity company. He has consulted widely on big data, text analytics and machine learning. Steve studied computer science, earning a PhD from Queen’s University and an MSc from the University of Arizona.