Hamid Djam

CTO Analytics

Dell Technologies

Hamid is the CTO of Analytics for EMC’s Emerging Technology Division.  He joined EMC in 2010 as one of the founding members of the Big Data Solutions Engineering and Product Management team where he successfully set directions for Analytics product and solutions roadmap, brought in 3rd party partners and integrators such as Attunity and was instrumental in integrating Attunity as the Greenplum CDC engine. He assisted in the development of EMC’s Brazil Big Data R&D center, and led global partner training and sales enablement efforts. Hamid also won the annual EMC innovation award for multi-tenant Hadoop implementations and registered a patent for Genomic Data Store on Hadoop in 2013.  Most recently Hamid led the Big Data solutions development for VCE/Global Solutions Engineering organization, developing proven solutions, reference architecture and best practices. He holds a B.S. in Software Engineering from California State University Fullerton. Hamid regularly speaks at conferences on Big Data, Data Science, and Analytics. He is a polyglot and is fluent in Dutch, Farsi and Spanish and conversant in German and Italian.