Guillaume Herve

Guillaume Hervé

CEO, Co-Founder

Zetane Systems

Guillaume has an extensive background in technology companies. In the past six years, he has been a business consultant in strategy and innovation-driven growth, having consulted for large and medium-sized companies in various sectors. He is the Chairman of the Board of CTS Santé, the most active accelerator for medical technologies and devices in Canada and the Chairman of the Board of CM Labs, a Montreal high-tech software company offering simulators and simulation software for vehicles, the defense industry, robotics, construction and port operations around the globe. He is an active mentor and coach with tech start-ups at FounderFuel, TechStars, District 3, CTS Santé, and the Business Families Foundation. Previously, Mr. Hervé was a senior executive at CAE Inc. where he held several key positions. He was the founder and CEO of CAE Healthcare which leveraged simulation, haptics and virtual reality technologies and best practices in aviation simulation to offer surgical simulators, integrated simulation-based training solutions, and patient simulators to medical schools, hospitals and defence organizations worldwide. The company grew to $50M in revenues by year 3. He was also President & CEO of Presagis, specializing in delivering high fidelity, physics-based simulation and graphics software to defense and aeronautics organizations worldwide. Prior to this, he was an Executive VP in CAE Inc.’s core business. Some of his responsibilities included VP Global Operations and Technology for Commercial Aviation Training, VP Aviation for Americas and Asia, and Head of Engineering. Prior to CAE, Mr. Hervé was an officer in the Canadian Air Force. He completed an M.Sc. degree in business from the State University of New York, a Bachelor of Engineering in aerospace from the Royal Military College of Canada, and a Master degree in Program Management from the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies.