Dr. Sahar Rahmani

Director, JSOC Analytics


Dr. Sahar Rahmani is the Director of a Data Science team at the Global Cyber Security (GCS) group at RBC. Her role involves leading a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers to provide AI solutions for detecting the ever-changing landscape of cyber/digital crime. She is responsible for implementing scalable real-time machine learning solutions for the business security related issues. Her team, also  brings insight and analytics to the big data aspect of cybersecurity to help executives make data-driven strategic decisions to keep RBC customers’ information safe. Her continuous encouragement and emphasizing on innovations in the application of AI/ML in digital risk, resulted in solving business problems in more effective ways, and creating multiple patents, publishing peer-reviewed research papers, and presenting conference talks. She has a PhD in Astrophysics from the Western University, where she applied bid data analysis and data science models on astronomical data.