Dawood Khan


TransformationWorx Inc.

Dawood Khan is a Founder of TransformationWorx Inc., and a Partner at RedMobile Consulting. TransformationWorx helps organizations, their leaders and professionals develop capabilities to achieve exponential growth via use of emerging technologies and transformative business practices.  In addition to advisory and consulting, TransfomrationWorx provides professional development courses and workshops on emerging technologies including Blockchain, AI, IoT, mobile and cloud, and the new business opportunities they create. The courses lead to the coveted “CIO Certified Professional” designation in partnership with the CIO Association of Canada and the Institute of Management Consultants. At RedMobile, Dawood provides Management, Innovation and Technology consulting to executives and business leaders for over 25 years. He is an Industry expert in business and digital transformation, and use of smart and emerging technologies and business models to innovatively meet business goals. Over the last few years, Dawood has been increasingly focused on Blockchain and the emerging opportunities. He has a Master of Electrical Engineering Degree from Columbia University, N.Y., a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University, and is a practicing CMC and a Professional Engineer.