Carlo Lisi

Senior Manager, Audit Analytics

TD Bank

Carlo Lisi is a seasoned analytics leader, with applied experience in leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to evolve market risk management and internal audit capabilities in the financial services sector. With a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University in Toronto, Carlo spent 6 years teaching mathematics before moving to the industry with a role at RiskLab Toronto where he focused on pricing financial derivatives and providing training to Algorithmics students and clients on using Risk Watch. He began his banking career in 2001, and held roles in market risk analysis and internal audit within RBC, before joining TD Bank's internal audit team as Senior Manager, Audit Analytics, where he leads a team responsible for developing Computer Assisted Audit Tools & Techniques (CAATTs). In his free time, Carlo is an avid machine learning enthusiast and is continuously expanding his knowledge on the subject through reading and programming in Python and R.