Richard Wunderlich

Director, Smart Grid Initiatives


Richard Wunderlich has been with Siemens since 1988 and heads a consultancy in a Siemens business called Smart Infrastructure.  Richard and the consultancy are focused on the contributions that Siemens can provide to the energy sector through transformation enabling the “Future Energy System”.

Since joining Siemens, Richard’s roles have included various industry sectors and a posting in Germany.  He plays key roles having launched R & D and new customer offerings. He has held responsibilities that include Canada, North American and global including account management, business development, customer service, Marketing & Strategy, Program Management and corporate functions.

He has been focused exclusively on the energy sector since 2005 and has over the past few years enable various product developments and launched various new lines of business, most recently Critical Infrastructure Protection for Energy and Industry for Cyber Physical Systems. Richard’s perspectives on integrated processes, supply chain and customer service provide fresh approaches to support the new paradigm of a smart and secure energy world.

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