Fareena Contractor

Head of Walmart Innovation Community


Part of the team that developed the H1N1 vaccine, Fareena is a former molecular geneticist. Following her research in brain cancer suppressors at the University of Alberta, she left the lab to pursue  a career in business.

Fareena graduated with an MBA from the University of Toronto. Focusing on Design Thinking and Strategy, she found her calling in business innovation. Today, she leads tech implementation for Walmart Canada, where she is accountable for the effective delivery of large scale projects, such as online grocery, ML forecasting in logistics, next generation Wi-Fi, and in-store applications. 

Fareena also founded and continues to lead the Walmart Innovation Community (WIC), a grassroots organization which has since been adopted internationally.

When she’s not working, you can find her on a silent meditation retreat or a backpacking adventure overseas

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