Erica Lee

Executive Director and Founder

Women of AI

Erica Lee is known in Silicon Valley as an AI Entrepreneur and Product Expert. She is mentored by Ray Kurzweil, known as “the father of AI” who referred her to Singularity University under a Google Scholarship.

She has natural talent for learning AI Research & Tools, understanding Market Landscape, and building Prototypes to Production-Ready AI for Features and Services to increase Revenue and Adoption.

Erica is the Executive Director and Founder of, a nonprofit creating women leaders in AI. WAI is a global community of 1000+ memberspartnered with Universities & Companies to help women develop skills, results, relationships & careers in AI. WAI provides Education, Projects and Job Referrals.

Previously, Erica was the Tech Lead of AI Product Management at Apple.

Erica worked in Engineering to build AI Tools in Computer Vision, NLP, Speech Recognition, Reinforcement Learning for various Apple Products (iCloud, Siri, HomePod, CoreML, Retail, iPhone (Face Detection, Video Eng, Keyboard), Silicon Engineering Group, Hardware (Silicon Engineering Group, Neural Engine), Architecture, Site Reliability Engineering, Special Projects, and more).

Erica led the Product Development of 3 AI Tools that were adopted 5000+ users and integrated into Consumer Features & Services , using ML Frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch), Infrastructure (Cloud, GPUs), and Metric Tools to gauge impact & robustness for production scale AI.

Erica founded and built the AI Developer Database ( adopted by 4000+ users, and AI Executive Committee adopted by 1000+ users.

She lead the Research Development of 6 AI Papers on Apple ML Research Journal viewed by 1 million readers. Erica also lead the AI Developer Eventsadopted by 5000+ users.

Previously, Erica was the Director of Partnerships at Silicon Valley AI , the largest SF AI nonprofit w/ 8000+ members hosting events on AI Life Science problems, sponsored by Google & NVIDIA and partnered w/ NIH, SRl, Stanford,Berkeley, and UCSF.

Erica was the Founder & CEO of two B2B SaaS startups in AI Agriculture, a platform for automatic crop detection with AI & aerial imagery, and Marketing Automation, a company that created over $1 million in sales in less than a year.

Erica studied Artificial Intelligence at Singularity University, Entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan, and Applied Math & Bio Engineering at Johns Hopkins.

Erica has been an AI speaker at Harvard, SRI, TechCrunch Disrupt and AI Frontiers. She is an Author/Contributor as an “AI Heroine” in The Ella Project, women’s comic book sponsored by Deloitte CEO, and in 3 Billion Under 30, a book on Millennial Changemakers.

Erica’s mission is creating AI accessible and applicable to global problems, and creating diversity and inclusion in AI.

Her life’s greatest work will be creating and distributing AI-as-a-Service (AaaS) for 1+ billion people.

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