Carolina Bessega

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

Stradigi AI

Carolina can best be described as an established academic with an entrepreneurial mindset, who also happens to have 25+ years of experience in research, development and broad programming. After obtaining her PhD in fundamental physics from the Universidad de los Andes, she went on to become an award-winning university professor who worked closely with the government of Venezuela to predict everything from avalanches to life-threatening diseases. After teaching computational physics and astrophysics for nearly a decade, she decided to move to Canada, which ultimately led to her rise as Stradigi AI’s Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder in 2017. Since then, she oversees all projects from both a scientific and business perspective, leads her team of 30+ research scientists, works closely with top executives to build relationships with clients and proudly offers guidance and mentoring to students.

Carolina is a member and advocate of the Montreal Artificial Intelligence Ethics group. She is passionate about ensuring that the benefits of AI are democratically available, the prevention of the weaponization and/or malicious use of AI, issues relating to privacy and the quantification and correction of bias in datasets. More recently, her focus has been on interpretability. Her belief in simplifying the way humans can understand the processes in which an algorithm arrives to its predictions is crucial for building trust, gaining executive buy-in and the early adoption of this technology in various industries. Carolina is also actively involved with the Vector Institute which has Dr. Geoffrey Hinton as its Chief Scientific Advisor, a man described as the “Godfather of Deep Learning”. As such, she serves on a panel for the 1000 AIMs initiative reviewing Ontario University programs seeking Vector Institute recognition.

Having conducted extensive AI research since 2002, she is a highly sought-after public speaker and has worked alongside renowned advisors and business pioneers in the industry enabling her to continuously create, innovate and develop new solutions to help organizations with their complex business problems

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