Akshay Kalle

Chief Technical Officer, The Pathway Group; CTO, Elastic Care

Pathway Communications

Akshay serves as the Chief Technical Officer at Pathway Communications, an IT Solutions Provider, as well as the AI-based cardiac monitoring start-up Elastic Care.  Akshay is a specialist in distributed systems and artificial intelligence. He is a business-minded systems expert with successes in managing large public technology products from conception to delivery. A fan of thinking like the customer, he combines a strong academic background and holds the unique ability to jump into both technical and customer-facing facets of product design and delivery. He has solved problems for some of the world’s leading organizations in industries ranging from banking to transportation, and energy.

Currently, Akshay’s dual role as Chief Technology Officer in both organizations fully utilizes his deep understanding of systems design, AI and security, as well as his business acumen.  With Elastic Care, Akshay now focusses on bringing disruptive technology to the healthcare sector by empowering patients and caregivers with the ability to easily monitor and proactively diagnose conditions before they become critical events.

He is actively involved with several social impact groups, including the Nexus Youth Summit, supported directly by the UN. He also sits on the boards of a select few technology organizations that have a social responsibility mandate. In his spare time, Akshay likes to spend time with his family, play music, and repeatedly lift really heavy things.

Akshay holds a Master of Science (MSc Math) and Honours Bachelor of Science (HonBSc) from the University of Toronto, and a Master of Engineering (MEng CS) from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

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