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This privacy policy describes how we collect, use and disclose your personal information and how this personal information can be consulted and corrected when necessary. This policy also explains how cookies are used on our Website.

By visiting www.bigdata-toronto.com and www.ai-toronto.com (the “Website”), contacting us or agreeing to receive emails from Big Data Toronto, AI Toronto and Big Data & AI Toronto, you accept the terms and conditions of this policy.
This policy does not extend to websites operated by third parties. Big Data Toronto, AI Toronto and Big Data & AI Toronto are therefore not liable for their privacy policies, procedures and practices.

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What data we are collecting as part of your registration for Big Data & AI Toronto ?

Within the scope of your registration to this congress, we are collecting your data for 3 years, since your last consent. The use of your personal data is a key issue to let us organize the event with relevance and accuracy. When you register to this event, you agree to entrust your data to Corp Events. At any time (mostly after the event), you can easily ask us to delete your personal data.

The data we are collecting during your registration:

  • Some personal data: first name, last name, email address, company, job title, industry, department, phone number …
  • Data related to the event: discount codes, analytics data …
  • Registration to some of our partner’s newsletter, only if you check the specific boxes on the registration form

We are also liable to collect your data on other channels, like your answer to one of our study, a phone call with our sales managers … In these cases, we ask your consent before collecting your data.

The use of your data

We collect your data when you register to our event so as to carry out the event organisation. Your data might also be used to send you some email information. If you give a specific agreement, your data should also be transmitted to a specific partner.

  1. Secure storage

We collect, store and manage your data with care. We intend to secure all our processes and we work with trusted service providers (OVH, Salesforce, Eventmaker).

  1. Communication and information about the event

We use your contact information to inform you about the current event you already registered. We also send you information about the next editions of the event or about other accurate events organised by Corp Events. You may also receive some relevant email communications from us.

At any time, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list by clicking to the unsubscription link at the bottom of all our newsletters.

  1. Deletion of your personal data

Your data are managed carefully and deleted 3 years after your last consent. However, you can ask us to consult or delete your data at any time by filling the form below.

  1. Data transmission to partners only with your consent

Your data may also be transmitted to third parties, only with your specific consent. For example, an exhibitor could scan your pass during the event, because you wanted to give him your contact information. When you participate in a workshop, your pass is also scanned and your contact information is transmitted to the speaker’s company. At any time, you can refuse the scan of your pass.

In these cases, you agree with the share of your data with this specific partner and we are not anymore responsible of it use. However, we still can let you follow the transmission of your data to one of our partner (on your specific request). Furthermore, we always pay attention to work with reliable partners.

The data collected on our website https://bigdata-toronto.com and https://ai-toronto.com

This current website uses cookies in order to:

  • Offer custom contents to each visitor
  • Improve your browsing experience on this website
  • Follow statistical data on our web pages (with Google Analytics)

At any time, you can change your choice about using cookies or not on this website. To do it, just click on the cookie button in the bottom right corner of this page.

  1. What is a cookie

Cookies are very small files containing some lines of text. Websites create cookies to store some data on your browser, so they can use it later. Its data mainly contain information about your browsing. Cookies are stored on your own device through your browser.

  1. The use of cookies on this website

Identification cookies :

To offer you a custom experience on this website, we use identification cookies to let you access different contents, like our magazine page or our sponsorkit page. These cookies are set by third parties applications: Salesforce and Pardot.

Operating cookies :

These cookies are used to make this website work correctly with various features and settings. We use it to store your choice about cookies.

Audience cookies :

In order to improve our services on our congress, we use applications to be able to track visitors of this website. We also collect your traffic sources and medium appart when you register to the event. These cookies are set by third parties applications: Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

  1. Your prior consent

You can accept or decline cookie collections at any time on this website, by clicking on the bottom right button on each page of this website. This button is here to let you consult your choice about cookies.

If you agree with our privacy policy, cookies will be registered on your current browser for a maximum duration of 13 months. If you decide to block cookies on this website, the main cookies will be immediately deleted and blocked, until you change this setting.

  1. The blocked cookies

Cookies usually store data about your browsing on a website. Some of these data might be able to identify a specific visitor. To protect your privacy, we let you the choice to block its cookies easily on each page of this website.

In case you choose to block cookies, these following cookies are blocked :

  • The analytics tracking cookies
  • The follow of your different actions on this website

However, some cookies might still persist :

  • Your traffic sources are still stored in the cookie (anonymous)
  • Your choice about cookies is stored in a cookie

Make a request to consult or to delete your personal data at Corp Events

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