Vin Patel

Lead - Enterprise Data Architecture , Scotiabank

Currently Vin leads Enterprise Data Solution Architecture team at one of the largest banks in Canada. As seasoned veteran, Vin has over 20 years of extensive professional experience in Big Data Architecture, Advance Analytics, Digital Transformations and Software Engineering. His management experience dates back the last 10 years of his career, being a notable force in the Toronto financial sector.

His leadership is an impressive balance of both functional and technical, as he still makes hands-on coding contributions to his most recent projects in a variety of languages on a plethora of development frameworks. He is also an effective communicator and strong presenter, as his professional roles for the last decade have required him to be heavily client-facing. In addition to his larger corporate experience, he also is very familiar with a more intimate work setting. He has led the development of 3 successful start-ups related to Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, with associated mobile application products. He is a published author in the fields of Software and Big Data Engineering, and has extensive hands-on experience with the 3 major cloud-based platforms. 10+ Data Fans on Linkedin.

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