Nauman Jaffar

Founder and CEO , MarkiTech

Nauman Jaffar, a technology marketing and digital transformation consultant, passionate entrepreneur and a father of two boys. He is the founder and CEO of MarkiTech, a 5 year old service based company focused on helping bring “Big Data/ AI / IoT” insights to large enterprises.  He recently also founded several technology startups in his career.

One of his key global initiatives, YourDoctors.Online is a website that is revolutionizing patient access to medical and healthcare services and providing free medical opinions, sick notes and refills.

LocateMotion is another initiative that solves the problem of wandering in seniors and cognitively impaired individuals by bringing together healthcare and the latest emerging technologies in the form of an end to end solution that tracks, locates and manages the movement of the wearer to ensure they are constantly connected with the caregiver.

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