Khalid Al-Kofahi

Vice President of Research and Development , Thomson Reuters

Khalid Al-Kofahi is Vice President of Research and Development at Thomson Reuters. During his 20+ years at Thomson Reuters, Khalid led the development of many advanced technologies for Thomson Reuters – especially for the Legal Industry. These include developing natural language processing applications to mine information from text, large-scale text classification, recommender systems, vertical search, named entity extraction and resolution, question answering, language generation and summarization. These technologies power dozens of products across Thomson Reuters.

In addition to his role as head of corporate R&D at Thomson Reuters, Dr. Al-Kofahi is also leading Thomson Reuters’s Toronto-based Center for AI and Cognitive Computing. The Center focuses on building smart capabilities and applications that will simplify and accelerate how knowledge tasks get done. The center will achieve this by automating well-understood tasks and machine-assist more complex tasks.

The Center and R&D consist of teams of computer scientists, software engineers, architects and designers with significant expertise in the design and development of applications in the areas of machine learning, natural language processing, big data technologies, information retrieval, artificial intelligence including knowledge representation and reasoning.

Khalid has a Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA, M.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, both in Computer Engineering and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan.

Dr. Khalid Al-Kofahi leads Thomson Reuters’s Toronto-based Center for AI and Cognitive Computing and is head of their global corporate R&D team.

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