Helen Kontozopoulos

Co-Founder & Co-Director | Department of Computer Science , University of Toronto's Innovation Lab “DCSIL”

Helen Co-Founded the University of Toronto’s Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab “DCSIL” in 2015, an incubator and accelerator for early stage startups in Canada. DCSIL’s startups focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, AR/VR and cybersecurity technologies.

She is a lecturer at the University of Toronto, in the Department of Computer Science (St.George campus) and Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (Scarborough Campus), where she teaches product development, design and entrepreneurship.

Since being on the UofT/IBM Watson teaching team in 2014 she has been working on and researching the relationship between customer journeys and prediction. Helen is also creating an AI Framework for organisations and startups to integrate AI into their strategic thinking.

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