Erin Kim

Strategic Initiatives Lead , Heart and Stroke Foundation

Erin Kim is leading the launch of Canada’s first health-related social impact bond with the Heart & Stroke. These bonds, also known as pay-for-success models, present an innovative public-private financial partnership that support raising funds from the private sector for public good. Erin presently serves on the board of directors for Blockchain Canada, an organization focused on promoting the growth and innovation of the emerging technology sector in Canada.

Prior to Heart & Stroke, Erin was a Senior Manager with Scotiabank Digital Factory, focusing on Blockchain & Innovation. She was also Manager with Accenture Strategy for 6 years, where she led the national innovation program, digital strategy projects, and business development primarily within the financial services sector. She is excited about the opportunities that DLT bring across the globe, including the social enterprise and non-profit sectors.

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