Ajinkya Kulkarni

Director, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning , Scotiabank

Ajinkya is a seasoned leader and specializes in commercializing promising technology innovations.

Over his career, he has helped large enterprises and startups build technologies ranging from mobile apps to big data and in latest continuation, Artificial Intelligence in the financial sector.

Starting with early iterations of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Log analytics, Ajinkya has delivered business results by applying machine learning in all forms, namely statistical modeling, machine learning, network analytics and most recently, neural networks and deep learning. He has applied his skills across many verticals and major brands, IBM, Accenture, TELUS and Scotiabank.  In his current role at Scotiabank, Ajinkya has built a team of Data Scientists, established an agile culture and delivered scaled AI products applauded internally and externally.

An Engineer by profession, Ajinkya is a graduate of the Master of Management of Innovation program at the University of Toronto. He is an avid photographer and enjoys learning new languages in spare time.

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